Why Us

TransformUp Consulting is an experienced team of ERP Consultants dedicated to partner with your business to cater for all your needs as you plan and navigate your way through your transformation journey. Whether it be cloud based offerings, or your own private hosting, we will assist you each step of the way, from strategy to delivery, to ensure a successful and meaningful investment is realised.

Our business plan focuses on 3 core strengths:


Strategic services with a team that has 25+ years experience within the IT industry, across many business industries, and having completed multiple transformation projects, some of them being 'World First' deliverables.


We provide niche consulting skills and solutions in order to assist your business successfully deliver and enhance your Applications landscape.


We firmly believe that all companies have a duty to 'give back' to the community. At TransformUp Consulting, we do this in a number of ways.


Our business model is focused on providing you, the customer, with a range of professional services, with the offer of a true partnership in order to meet your goals. Our Advisory offerings consist of:


With over 25+ years of experience in ERP systems, across a wide range of industries, and having led many successful transformational projects, some of which were innovative ‘world first’ successes, we are dedicated to work with you towards building a concrete strategy that meets your business needs.

We have a high level of understanding on cloud-based products, and the benefits that can be brought to your business. We can work with you to decide not only which solution is right for you, but also the most optimum way to deliver the chosen solution.

We can help you to review or build your strategy, roadmaps and business cases, as well as an effective change program, all based on a strong foundation of Architecture. We not only focus on the technology, but on the improvements that can be made to any organisation that elects to undertake such transformations.


Enterprise Architecture (EA) has become a key foundation for knowledgeable, and informed, decision making in any business. This is achieved through a better understanding of your business capabilities of your systems, the relationships between systems, data and people, right through to your business goals. We can work with you to provide a blueprint of the business and IT architecture, which can be used to help you understand where your business is at today and guide you to where you want it to be in the future.

We provide services which will facilitate further discussions around the future application roadmap, including the integration / dataflow of applications This will facilitate informed decision making over time, especially with ongoing enhancements and improvements to your application portfolio, as well as highlighting any gaps that may exist within the current applications offerings. The output we provide can also be used in growing the Architectural design of your Application Landscape, which can make you aware of any system changes that may have an adverse effect on downstream systems.


We can provide your business with niche consulting skills, in order to better assist your business to transform successfully and meet the demands of your key stakeholders. We seek to form partnerships with key industry players who complement the skills we have, and who work with us to deliver solutions that are ready-made for your business, and for the industry you work within.


We are able to assist with any ERP related roles that you require. We will take the time to understand your needs and allocate the appropriate resource to undertake our high standard of delivery.

  • Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Quality Assurance


We are also able to offer solutions that can be tailormade to suit your business, all of which can complement your current ERP instance

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Test Automation
  • Mobile Apps


We firmly believe that companies have a responsibility to continually ‘give back’ to the community in which they operate. Experience contributes to one’s overall knowledge of the world around us, it can define who we are, and how we act, but more importantly it also educates us in being able to be more aware of how we treat others. In any business this can be an asset to guide anyone through their working career. Sharing this experience with others, especially those who seek to learn, can be a rewarding experience not only to the one who is seeking, but also to the one who is sharing. With this in mind, we openly, and actively, share our experiences in a number of ways:

Industry Presentations and Discussions

We actively participate in, and continually support, some of the leading industry events held across Australia, by providing discussions, presentations and thought-leadership on topics that are specifically tailored to the nature of the conferences’ we attend We partner with some of the leading event providers within Australia

Industry Lectures

We provide industry-based lectures, and student mentoring, to those considering a future career within IT, focussing on career advice, emerging technologies, and we do this with an emphasis on cloud-based systems and ERP software solutions. We partner with some of the leading educators within Australia

About Us

We are committed to providing the most relevant and timely advice, guidance and thought leadership on matters that mean the most to our valued clients. We do this by ensuring that our team consists of individuals who are not only experts within their chosen field, but also portray the values needed to build, and maintain, long-lasting business relationships.

Meet our Management Team:

Greg Hill

Managing Director & Founder

Throughout his career, Greg has held many Executive based roles across a wide range of industries. Some of these industries include FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail and more recently Higher Education, and has mostly worked for businesses that have adopted SAP as their core ERP solution. With his working experience in the industry, and his background in earlier Finance roles, Greg has often worked alongside Business Executives to help them deliver their strategies, through the use of appropriate Business Applications and Architecture.

Greg works with companies to help them realise the benefits and opportunities that lie ahead transforming to cloud based platforms, with an emphasis on SAP S/4 HANA and SAP SuccessFactors.

Greg is a regular contributor within the SAP community through his delivery of presentations at some of the major SAP user groups around the country, and delivering industry based lectures to Higher Education Students, by presenting the lessons he learned whilst working in businesses that were on the leading edge of cloud technologies, and is a regular member of the APJ Product Advisory Council for SAP S/4 HANA.

Not only is Greg passionate about emerging SAP technology’s available to businesses, he also focuses on the ‘human’ side of these expansive transformational programmes, along with the ever increasing challenge of improving the overall user experience.

Jing Zhu

Cloud Architect

An IT Professional with over 15 years proven experience in the Higher Education, Finance and Energy sectors. Adept at application design, development, deployment and support techniques, with proven delivery through excellent communication, analytical and organisational skills, all of which are underpinned by a passion for delivering high value architectural services.

Jing’s ability to quickly adjust to unfamiliar environments, complex tasks and challenges has allowed Jing to place a strong focus on customer satisfaction and delivery. This has been achieved through her strong analysis and troubleshooting skills, along with a background working in multiple countries and different team culture environments